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Sabres Ghosts

I’m shocked the Blues are going to waive defenseman Jay McKee. Mostly, because he was so injured during his time in St. Louis, he usually wasn’t much of a factor for the team. I thought they’d want to get some return on their investment during the last year of his contract. The Blues are capped […]


I’m thinking I need to get into real estate, since that seems to be the best way to track player movement. Some people say Jay Bouwmeester’s building a house in Edmonton is a clue he wants to play out west. Marian Gaborik’s buying a house in Vancouver seems to be a clue he’ll sign there […]

Getting Drafty

I’m never able to get very excited about the NHL draft. Very few draftees have an immediate impact, so it’s hard to get psyched about players you probably won’t see for a while. Greg Logan had an interesting piece about if teams should take the player they value most highly or the one the market […]

Track Records

Adrian Dater has an interesting question: do we really know what the big deal is about Swedish goalie Jonas Gustavsson? I think the big deal is that he’s an unproven free agent, so you have the excitement of a rookie coupled with the track record of a veteran. A young veteran. I’m pretty curious how […]

Heatley a Tough Sell/Trade

Kevin Allen has an interesting piece on something I’ve been noticing: There doesn’t seem to be any market for or interest in Ottawa’s Dany Heatley. Obviously, a lot of the disinterest is posturing by GMs, but Heatley’s contract just doesn’t make sense, financially, in a lot of places. And when you consider players like Jay […]

Madden 2009

Earlier this week, New Jersey Devil Brian Rolston went on the record as saying he hadn’t been a big fan of former coach Brent Sutter. I imagine John Madden also wasn’t a big fan of the coach who often didn’t believe in matching and checking lines. After all, Madden is all about checking and matching. […]

If Only…

One way you know it was a great game seven is that there just wasn’t much to say about it. It completely spoke for itself. The Penguins were flawless for two periods and strong enough for the third. Defenseman Brad Stuart, whose turnovers and pinching led to both game seven Penguin goals, says he’d like […]

Tonight’s the Night

So tonight’s the night for Detroit or Pittsburgh. Tim Panaccio says the Penguins need a role player to step-up and pull a Ruslan Fedotenko circa game seven of the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. I think Fedotenko, who now plays for Pittsburgh, is a logical candidate for that role, but maybe it’s too obvious. Meanwhile, moving […]

Stars De-align for Tippett in Dallas

I suggested coach Dave Tippett would have a short leash in Dallas with new GM Joe Nieuwendyk, but I didn’t think it would be this short. The Stars are expected to announce the Tippett-ectomy today. Marc Crawford is rumored to be the next coach of the Stars. Crawford’s up-tempo, forecheck heavy style, which he’s coached […]

Game Seven Ahoy! Sutter and Heatley Want Out, But Not Together. So Far…

Fantastic game six last night. And for all of the talk about Detroit’s defense driving their offense, Pittsburgh did a tremendous job, at least for the first two periods, of letting their defense be a catalyst for their offense. Mike Heika said the game deserved to be on NBC. I think NBC should show the […]