Sutter: ‘Upon Further Review, Sundin is Pretty Decisive’

Brent Sutter is starting to look like another successful graduate of the Mats Sundin Rapid Decision-Making Program. He’s still not sure he wants to coach the Devils next season.

The longer Sutter waits, the less effective he’ll be as a coach if he decides to return. Would you play hard for someone who was that unsure he even wanted to coach you?

I’m guessing the indecision might also be related to a job-opening in Calgary.

Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said he won’t rush Sutter, so I’m curious just when everyone will know next season’s coach of the Devils. At this rate, it could be November before anyone knows for sure.

Speaking of coaches, how about Jacques Martin leaving the GM job in Florida to coach the Habs? George Richards likes the move because it gets Martin out of any fallout from not trading Jay Bouwmeester at this year’s trade deadline. That’s pretty slick since I didn’t see a way for the Panthers to save face if/when Bouwmeester left.

Finally, game three of the finals is tonight. People are making a big deal out of Pittsburgh getting the last change, but Detroit often takes defensive draws with two centers, sending the extra one off after the faceoff is won. The Wings know how to get players on and off the ice. Detroit will be able to get the Zetterberg line on against Sidney Crosby. So Pittsburgh needs a plan B if they want to win tonight. I’ve got nothing. Hopefully, for Pittsburgh, Dan Bylsma does.