Penguins Not Board Tonight

I’m not sure tonight’s game six is going to be the Detroit cakewalk everyone seems to think it will be.

The big factor working in Pittsburgh’s favor? Getting away from those Joe Louis boards, which they never seemed to adjust to or to be prepared for.

The big difference in Detroit’s game five rout was how the Wings used those crazy, spring-loaded boards. Every time a Red Wing missed the net, the miss turned into a centering pass. And yet the Penguins never collapsed around Marc-Andre Fleury nor purposely missed the net to set themselves up in the slot.

The Penguins have a decent enough chance to win game six in Pittsburgh. But at this point, I don’t see how they could ever win a game seven in Detroit. Unless they have a man on the inside putting pillows behind the Joe Louis boards.

Also, I really hope we see Chris Chelios tonight, in case the Wings do win.

And if things don’t go well for Pittsburgh tonight, Bleacher Report has a list of the NHL’s top 20 free agents.