Game Seven Ahoy! Sutter and Heatley Want Out, But Not Together. So Far…

Fantastic game six last night. And for all of the talk about Detroit’s defense driving their offense, Pittsburgh did a tremendous job, at least for the first two periods, of letting their defense be a catalyst for their offense.

Mike Heika said the game deserved to be on NBC. I think NBC should show the last six minutes of that game on a loop. That would have to rate better than Leno in primetime.

The Brent Sutter era is over in New Jersey and it’s a sad thing, because he’s a great coach. In fact, he’s so good, the Devils should consider not letting Sutter take a job working under his brother, coaching the Flames. If I’m the Devils, and I’m not, I would hate to have another coach that good in the league, even in another conference.

Jacques Lemaire could return to coach the Devils. Former Devil player, current assistant coach John MacLean is also in the coaching mix, which is kind of funny since MacLean didn’t get along with Lemaire when he played for him. A system-oriented coach like Lemaire would be a step back for a Devils team that often thrived under Sutter’s uptempo, aggressive system. I hate to see the Devils walk away from a coaching direction that seemed to be paying off.

Also, it doesn’t seem like Ottawa, the city, is having a good reaction to Dany Heatley’s trade request. I can understand fans being upset about a star asking out of a city and off of a team, but does anyone really think Heatley was working in Ottawa? He struggled to understand his role under two different coaches. His offense, while impressive, wasn’t great enough to compensate for his often lax work in the defensive zone. The Senators could get some really good stuff back for Heatley. This is an opportunity for the Senators and the fans should be excited. Unless Heatley can’t be moved. Then, it’s going to be a long season next year.