Stars De-align for Tippett in Dallas

I suggested coach Dave Tippett would have a short leash in Dallas with new GM Joe Nieuwendyk, but I didn’t think it would be this short.

The Stars are expected to announce the Tippett-ectomy today. Marc Crawford is rumored to be the next coach of the Stars. Crawford’s up-tempo, forecheck heavy style, which he’s coached since before the lockout, when forechecking wasn’t cool, is pretty much the opposite of Tippett’s defensive style. But Crawford loses a room quickly, so I’m not sure how long he’ll last in Dallas. I would suggest renting a home rather than buying.

Tim Cowlishaw likes that Nieuwendyk is being proactive, rather than waiting for Tippett’s inevitable struggle.

Of course, if Nieuwendyk really wants to get proactive about major problems, he should probably do something about goalie Marty Turco next.

This is probably the summer to do it, too. Kevin Allen says there are more free agent starting goalies than jobs. Of course, that also makes it harder to move Turco, so I’m not sure. This is kind of why I never sell anything. I can never understand the economics of a market.

Speaking of goalies, Tim Panaccio reports on how tough things were for new Flyer goalie Ray Emery in the KHL. Players often have to be at games 24 hours before game time, staying overnight in a gym. Players have to play until April. Even if they’re eliminated from the playoffs. Then, they still have to show up and practice. So I’m sure Emery will be grateful to be back in the NHL. I’m not sure any of that KHL stuff makes him a better goalie, but at least he’ll be grateful.