If Only…

One way you know it was a great game seven is that there just wasn’t much to say about it. It completely spoke for itself. The Penguins were flawless for two periods and strong enough for the third.

Defenseman Brad Stuart, whose turnovers and pinching led to both game seven Penguin goals, says he’d like a few of those moments back.

Meanwhile, the Coyotes are staying in Phoenix…for now. I can’t imagine they’ll be sold to anyone and stay there, but I guess the league will have more of a say in who the next owner is.

Derian Hatcher retired and took a job with the Flyers as a player development coach. Hatcher had lost quite a few steps over the years but in his prime, he was a scary presence along the blue line. I kind of wonder if he’ll try and get the Flyers to draft linebackers who they’ll then teach to skate. I always suspected that’s how Hatcher got into hockey.

Michael Russo has a great post explaining why the Wild went with San Jose’s Todd Richards as their new coach. The Wild wanted someone more offensive-minded than Jacques Lemaire, which isn’t very hard to accomplish, given Lemaire never fully embraced the forward pass. But the Wild also wanted a younger coach the players could relate to and who would take some time to explain coaching choices to the young Wild team.

Interestingly, Russo also suspects Richards would have gotten the coaching job in Pittsburgh, after Michel Therrien was fired, if he had stuck around the Penguins organization. Do you think Brad Stuart is thinking about that variable, too?