Heatley a Tough Sell/Trade

Kevin Allen has an interesting piece on something I’ve been noticing: There doesn’t seem to be any market for or interest in Ottawa’s Dany Heatley.

Obviously, a lot of the disinterest is posturing by GMs, but Heatley’s contract just doesn’t make sense, financially, in a lot of places. And when you consider players like Jay Bouwmeester and Marian Hossa and the Sedin twins are available as free agents, Heatley just doesn’t seem as attractive. And then, if you factor in the fact that he’s publicly demanding a trade, he becomes an expensive player that’s going to need to be handled, personality-wise.

Toronto’s Brian Burke agrees, publicly ripping Heatley for publicly demanding a trade.

Meanwhile, free agent goalie Jonas Gustavsson, who was never drafted by an NHL team and can sign anywhere he wants, is making the rounds, trying to decide where to go. He reportedly has his teams narrowed down to Colorado, Dallas, San Jose and Toronto, which makes me wonder if he understands how the NHL’s standings system works.

Does San Jose have the inside track? Possibly. Gustavsson’s agent co-founded a sports management business with Joe Thornton’s brother. San Jose goalie Evgeni Nabokov must be super psyched about that connection.