Track Records

Adrian Dater has an interesting question: do we really know what the big deal is about Swedish goalie Jonas Gustavsson?

I think the big deal is that he’s an unproven free agent, so you have the excitement of a rookie coupled with the track record of a veteran. A young veteran.

I’m pretty curious how he’ll pan out in the NHL, though. Especially since he seems interested in some pretty atrocious teams.

Meanwhile, down in DC, Tarik El-Bashir talks about Bob Woods, the Caps new assistant coach. Woods doesn’t have an NHL track record, which seems to be working for the Capitals in terms of coaching. Still, I’m a bit surprised they didn’t go for a more NHL-seasoned assistant to round out whatever holes are in coach Bruce Boudreau’s still developing NHL coaching repertoire.

Also, the Caps won’t be a part of next season’s Winter Classic, making them perhaps the only NHL team that won’t be playing outdoors on New Year’s Day.

Also, I love how everyone keeps asking Lou Lamoriello what he thinks about Brent Sutter’s impending gig coaching the Flames. I think Lamoriello isn’t saying much because it’s been so long since a coach left him under his own steam. Usually, Lamoriello’s firing them right before the playoffs. He seems positively flummoxed by the situation. He’s got to fire someone soon, in order to get his equilibrium back.