Getting Drafty

I’m never able to get very excited about the NHL draft. Very few draftees have an immediate impact, so it’s hard to get psyched about players you probably won’t see for a while.

Greg Logan had an interesting piece about if teams should take the player they value most highly or the one the market values. For instance, Logan wonders if the Islanders should take Matt Duchene first overall, even though the market has him valued as a third overall.

I’m not a huge fan of the “take the player you value” approach as you’re leaving money on the table. If GM Garth Snow doesn’t want John Tavares or Victor Hedman, he should trade down and get some talent, or talent potential, back. If the Islanders don’t take Taveres at first overall, I suspect the Islander fans are going to freak. A trade-down might soften the blow. Unless Snow plans on drafting Ricky Rubio. I think that might hurt a lot of people.

The Flyers, with the 21st overall pick, might be looking to trade down if they’re not able to trade up, which is a vote for picking the best player, not the most valued. By the 21st player, you’re definitely seeing some dropoff in quality and there probably isn’t a ton of difference between 21 and say, 27, Why not drop down and get the same level of player, plus something for letting another team move up?

Although not necessarily. Bleacher Report had an interesting look at the 10 best draft steals since 1990. And if you learn one thing, it’s that you can, occasionally, find gems in the later rounds.

Also, former Habs GM Sam Pollock’s business card is for sale on eBay for US$2000. Pollock is dead, so the contact information on the card really isn’t going to help you very much. Just an FYI. Thanks to Alain for the link.