I’m thinking I need to get into real estate, since that seems to be the best way to track player movement.

Some people say Jay Bouwmeester’s building a house in Edmonton is a clue he wants to play out west.

Marian Gaborik’s buying a house in Vancouver seems to be a clue he’ll sign there as a free agent.

And now, upcoming free agent Sergei Zubov has placed his Dallas home on the market, a sign he might not be returning to the Stars (It has a dipping pool, which sounds dirty to me). But since Zubov has a Florida home, would the Panthers want Zubov as a much, much, much older Bouwmeester replacement? The man can still run a powerplay and work a point. We saw that in the playoffs.

I’m off to show a lovely junior four in a great school district. The maintenance is shockingly low, too. Hit me on Twitter if you want in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.