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Penguins Not Board Tonight

I’m not sure tonight’s game six is going to be the Detroit cakewalk everyone seems to think it will be. The big factor working in Pittsburgh’s favor? Getting away from those Joe Louis boards, which they never seemed to adjust to or to be prepared for. The big difference in Detroit’s game five rout was […]

Emery A Big Risk for the Flyers

If/when the Flyers sign goalie Ray Emery, it will represent a tremendous step backwards for the franchise. The Flyers’ Marty Biron goalie years represented a recognition that a modern, post-lockout NHL franchise needs a strong presence in goal. And to be honest, you really needed a strong goalie before the lockout, too. One of former […]

Penguins Evolve Against Wings

So what did Pittsburgh do right in their win over Detroit? Quite a few things. Their powerplay was finally effective against the Wings. They managed to get pucks deep in the Red Wing zone. They kept the Zetterberg/Lindstrom match-up out on the ice for longer shifts, plus lots of ice time in general. I think […]

Sutter: ‘Upon Further Review, Sundin is Pretty Decisive’

Brent Sutter is starting to look like another successful graduate of the Mats Sundin Rapid Decision-Making Program. He’s still not sure he wants to coach the Devils next season. The longer Sutter waits, the less effective he’ll be as a coach if he decides to return. Would you play hard for someone who was that […]

Dallas Finally Goes With Solo GM

I love Joe Nieuwendyk taking over as GM in Dallas. First of all, just the move to a single GM model is pretty huge for the Stars. That alone makes this a great move. But you also have to love Nieuwendyk’s pedigree. He’s a player who knows how to win. Not only did he win […]