Four Brothers

Four Brothers

A lot of people don’t know that in addition to hockey blogging, I’m also a prolific children’s book author. I’ve written over 800 children’s books, and while I’ve yet to sell one, I have a very good feeling about my latest, which I’m happy to be able to share here.

Four Brothers

I love my brother. I cannot picture skating without him.

The Sedin Twins celebrate a goal.

I love my brother!

Once, I thought we would have to play in different cities and skate with different people, but then we didn’t.

We were so happy!

The Sedin Twins pose.

We'll never be apart!

Saku Koivu


I love my brother. I do not want to take with him, though.

Mikko Koivu

My brother! :-(

It just does not feel like a good idea.

I do want to play with my friend, though.

Teemu Selanne

My buddy!

Sometimes brothers want to play with each other and sometimes they don’t. My old mommy says blood is thicker than water. My new mommy says ice time is the increment in which we measure love. I don’t know what those things mean. Maybe when I’m older!