The Curious Tweets of Martin Havlat

I like the NHL offseason because it sometimes turns into high school.

Like Dale Tallon gets whacked in Chicago, and Martin Havlat jumps on Twitter to drop some cryptic messages:

I guess everyone saw what happened to Dale….yes, the story is starting to come out but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What are we even supposed to do with that? Is Havlat confusing Twitter and LiveJournal?

It’s cool that Havlat is so accessible, but some of his work needs to be edited:

As I said before, I didn’t leave Chicago, it left me.

If you substitute Chicago for New Jersey, you have the shell of a really great Bruce Springsteen parody.

My favorite Havlat Tweet from yesterday was this one. Mrs. PuckUpdate and I are re-watching THE X-FILES, so I like to pretend David Duchovny is saying it:

Lot’s of people are telling me to stay quiet but shouldn’t the fans know the truth? It’s your loyalty, season ticket money and emotions here

I’m totally getting Havlat this poster for his birthday:

I Want to Believe Poster

As weird as all of those Tweets were, though, I truly did enjoy watching an athlete get so candid in such a public way. While I’m making fun of said candor, there’s actually something very sweet and innocent about Havlat, and I’m not sure I would have seen that side of him without Twitter.

I wish Sergei Zubov was on Twitter. Then maybe we could get some insight into where he’s heading.

First, it sounded like he’s out of Dallas and now it seems like the Stars are open to keeping him, assuming he’s healthy. Zubov’s last season was rough, but he’s a smart player, so while he does need a baseline level of fitness, he can really get away with playing at like 75%, just by knowing exactly when and where he can cheat. If the Stars can get him to re-sign for a decent price, I don’t know why they’d even consider letting him leave for nothing. Even if he spends half the season injured again, you can still put him to work mentoring your younger defensemen. There just aren’t a lot of offensive defensemen like Zubov kicking around the league. The Stars should do what they can to keep him around. He can’t leave Dallas and Dallas can’t leave him. The truth is in him.