Honoring the Fog; Trading Hindsight

This weekend, Tim Panaccio had a great piece on the great Freddy Shero, who for whatever reason, isn’t in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Coach Shero was innovative, yet complicated. He was very old school, even for the 1970s, yet he was always ready to embrace a new idea.

Panaccio says Shero might not be in the Hall because no one really got to know him personally.

Yesterday’s piece explains why they called Shero “The Fog.” It has nothing to do with his absent-mindedness. It had to do with his ability to see a puck through the fog during a particularly foggy minor league game.

I think I’ve recommended this before, but if you ever get a chance to pick-up SHERO, THE MAN BEHIND THE SYSTEM, by Shero, I highly recommend it. It’s complex hockey ideas explained in very plain language. And it’s a great insight into a fascinating man.

Also, Larry Brooks had an interesting piece yesterday, reporting that Chicago GM Dale Tallon essentially lost his job when he tried to trade goalie Nikolai Khabibulin for Michael Nylander.

In hindsight, that looks like an awful deal, when you consider that Khabibulin helped play Chicago into the playoffs. But back in November or December, Khabibulin was an expensive spare. And while Nylander never really fit into Washington’s north-south attack, his creativity could have really worked well with quite a few of the young Blackhawk forwards.

Plus, don’t forget the Blackhawks didn’t re-sign Khabibulin, and so lost him for nothing. At least Tallon tried to get some return on the investment.