Bruins Use Morris to Make a Point

Interesting. The Bruins traded defenseman Aaron Ward back to Carolina and signed Derek Morris for one year at $3.3 million.

Not everyone thinks it’s a great move for Boston. Morris has lost a few steps, but he’s still got a great shot. And I think that’s all Boston really wanted — someone who could get the puck through from the point. It should take a lot of pressure off of Zdeno Chara on the powerplay.

Also, I thought it was kind of funny when the Islanders signed Martin Biron to be their backup backup goalie. But the situation is even crazier, as Greg Logan revealed the organization’s stunningly rich goalie depth.

It makes sense. Goaltending is important and the Islanders are quite aware of what can happen when a team doesn’t have options. But they also might want to consider signing some offensive players, too. Because right now I kind of get the feeling the Isles are just going to put out three or four goalies at a time and dare anyone to score on them.