Kane Tips and Zherdev Walks

I’m really not too interested in the Patrick Kane cabdriver altercation story, because there’s really no way to know what went down in that cab. And I’m not sure we ever will know. But Chris Kuc has an interesting post remembering Kane interacting with another cabbie, leaving the driver with a huge tip.

Obviously, one anecdote doesn’t absolve (or condemn) Kane, but it’s an interesting shade to yet another story that pulls the NHL into the mainstream media and paints the league in a negative light.

Also, it looks like former Ranger Nik Zherdev is going to play in the KHL.

The Rangers walked away from Zherdev’s $3.9 million arbitration award. Despite Zherdev’s frustrating ability to disappear for weeks at a time, I really thought another NHL team would make him an offer. His price tag was huge, but I thought the glimmers of tremendous talent would prove too tempting to an NHL GM locked out of the top-tier free agents. A team like the Islanders, which still doesn’t seem to have any scoring wings and has trouble attracting talent, would have been an interesting fit.

But Zherdev didn’t even leave much time for that to happen. It seems like he was done with the NHL much more than the NHL was done with him.