Book Review: Seahawk by Bruce Valley

Cover of Seahawk by Bruce Valley

SEAHAWK by goalie Bruce Valley is an interesting look at amateur hockey in New Hampshire in the 1950s.

Valley does a nice job capturing the excitement and impact of amateur teams, like the Rye Seahawks, for whom he played goalie. Unfortunately, he never really puts the amateur team in a context. Valley tells us what the team meant to his town, and to the region, but we never really see exactly how it impacted the area.

The second half of the book is a rumination on the joys and frustrations of being an aging goalie, and again, while engagingly written, Valley doesn’t really expound beyond his personal experiences.

SEAHAWK is an interesting portrait of a specific moment in U.S. history, but it leaves you wanting to know a lot more than the book reveals. Hopefully, at some point, Valley will revisit the topic and deliver a more complete history of amateur New Hampshire hockey. Or even a more complete look at the Seahawks. Still, the book is worth a look, if for no other reason than to see box scores featuring teams with six players per side.