Wilson: ‘I Can Save My Job or I Can Save My Team, But I Can’t Do Both!’

David Pollak has some interesting stuff about the non-stop drama that is the Summertime San Jose Sharks Show.

In today’s chapter, goalie Evgeni Nabokov defends last season’s performance, while also admitting it could have been stronger. Pollak helpfully points out Nabokov’s five-hole often seemed to lack an off-switch last season.

Pollak also wonders if the Sharks lack of a full-time goalie coach is a turn-off to free agent goalies.

If you look at this goalie drama, which started with comments GM Doug Wilson made on a radio show, and factor in Patrick Marleau’s losing his captaincy, you see Wilson apparently going into full-on survival mode, trying to spread so much blame, that it becomes impossible to tie the failures of the club to Wilson specifically. And I can’t help but think that if Wilson spent just half of the time he seems to be spending to save his job, on doing actual GM stuff, like signing and trading players, he might not have to spend so much time defending his job.

My big worry is that if these distractions don’t seem to be working for Wilson, he’s going to get more creative and start dressing up like a ghost in an attempt to make everyone think the Shark Tank is haunted.