Heatley Not Going Anywhere

Ouch. Teams are now opting out of the Dany Heatley “sweepstakes.” The Kings are the latest team to close the door on the Heatley option, which is pretty telling.

It’s like the Senators are getting rejected for dates they didn’t even ask people out on.

The Kings could use a proven goal-scorer but they’re such a young team, a guy like Heatley could really bring the whole team down quite easily.

Of course, as bad as that would have been for the Kings, things are going to be even worse for the Senators, who are looking more and more stuck with Heatley as training camp approaches.

Teams are being patient about grabbing Heatley because of the serious questions about his attitude coupled with the fact that everyone knows the Senators are desperate to unload him. GM Bryan Murray is looking to get some value back for Heatley but the longer he’s stuck with the disgruntled forward, the lower those trade expectations will fall.

If I’m Murray, I’m announcing that Heatley is off of the table and the Senators have decided to make the best of a bad situation. That forces Heatley to either suck it up and play in Ottawa or to sit out. If Heatley sits out, I’m assuming his salary will come off of the cap, allowing them to replace him. If Heatley focuses and steps up, the Senators are more likely to find a team willing to take him.

The first rule of selling damaged goods is to make them look new. Murray hasn’t fixed Heatley yet. He hasn’t even come close. I’m not saying he needs to fix Heatley’s attitude; he just needs to make it look like it’s been fixed.

Also, thanks to Greg and Sean for including me in Puck Daddy’s Five Reasons I Love Hockey feature.