Blue Jackets Keep It Real in Training Camp; Ducks Keep It Real Fiscally Responsible

The various owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets are drafting teams made up of training camp players and having a tournament. Coach Ken Hitchcock is all over this as he says it will give him a better way to evaluate more players — players who might not even be on his radar.

I’m not sure how common this is, but it’s a really good idea. Anyone looking to make a team is going to go hard at training camp, almost by default. But players who are pretty much guaranteed a spot are often a bit harder to get going. This seems to solve that problem while giving other players the ability to step-up and score a roster spot.

Speaking of smart moves, Chris Zupke pays tribute to Bob Murray, who finally has the Ducks out of cap trouble. Of course, the Ducks still have a dueling goalies situation, but as Chicago will tell you, other than being absurdly expensive, it’s actually not an awful thing. And even with goalies Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Jonas Hiller, the Ducks still have a good amount of cap space. In fact, if they keep the cap space they have now (around $4 million), they should have some nice options at the trade deadline.

I love the start of the pre-season because everyone looks so smart and everything feels full of hope. In a few months, I’ll be jumping all over Anaheim for not taking full advantage of their cap space and for not having enough goaltending depth.