Give Up a Goal, Get a Coach

The Stars have an interesting approach to goalie Marty Turco. Since they seem to feel they can’t replace him, they’re just throwing more and more coaching at him. Relatively hot on the heels of the news Turco is going to spend more time working with goalie coach/synthesist Andy Moog, comes news the Stars have added another goalie coach. Mike Valley will work with Turco, as well as other goalies within the Stars system.

Of course, as Turco struggles, more coaches will be hired, until eventually there’s a team of 40 goalie coaches working with him. Luckily, the NHL salary cap doesn’t apply to coaching.

Speaking of the Stars, the Blues have invited former Star Darryl Sydor to training camp, presumably to be more mentor than game-changer. Still, it’s nice to see Sydor still kicking around. Especially given that defenseman Jason Smith retired yesterday. Of course, Smith might have spent next season in the AHL since the Senators really couldn’t afford his salary.

As Chris Chelios will tell you, it’s not always easy being an older NHL defenseman.