Flames-Islanders the Preseason Game for the Ages

Last night’s Calgary-Islanders might have been the game of late 2008. It was like some kind of movie.

You had Dion Phaneuf’s massive open-ice hit on Islander Kyle Okposo (Okposo has a mild concussion).

The one bright spot for the Islanders was that Okposo’s teammates immediately came to his defense, attempting to fight Phaneuf the whole game. Not that Phaneuf would even entertain the idea

I was shocked none of the Isles resorted to dropping an S-bomb on Phaneuf.

The Islanders are a young team, and what talent they have is nowhere near fully developed. But seeing them try and avenge their comrade makes me think what the team lacks in skill, they’ll make up for in energy and passion.

Intense game, right? But wait. There was more. Last night was Theo Fleury’s return to the Flames. As crazy as it sounds, his return was uneventful except for his winning the shootout for Calgary. Which also sums up the final years of his original NHL career: stretches of tedium punctuated with bursts of excitement.

I’m pulling for Fleury but the longer he sticks around the Flames, the worse his heartbreak will be if he’s cut from the team. If Calgary doesn’t want him around (and I’m not quite sure what role Fleury or the Flames sees for him), I hope he’s cut sooner rather than later.