Flyers Continue to Find Penalties; Rick Nash Finds a Center

The Flyers continue to take penalties like they’re water breaks.

It’s something that made them the league’s most penalized team last season. It’s something that makes a long, grinding season even more difficult. And it’s something that will haunt the Flyers as long as they gravitate toward mean, thuggish players. Dan Carcillo has been taking just about every penalty opportunity available to him in the pre-season. Chris Pronger and Ian Laperriere aren’t exactly known for their on-ice restraint.

Coach John Stevens is making his job needlessly hard. I appreciate the Flyers having an edge and being tough to play against, but this parade of penalties hasn’t done anything for the Flyers but make them tired for the post-season.

This season looks like more of the same.

Things are going slightly better over in Columbus. After years of searching for someone to center Rick Nash, a search that often felt slightly more reasonable than trying to find a leprechaun, the Blue Jackets seem to finally have found their man: Derick Brassard, who has looked great playing between Nash and Kristian Huselius.

I felt like the Blue Jackets would never find a center for Nash. I can’t even imagine how Nash felt. And the good thing is, with the Nash center checked off of management’s to-do list, they’re now free to concentrate their efforts on trying to find the formula to turn lead into gold.