Thrashers Announce Upcoming Enigma Night Promotion

The Thrashers signed Maxim Afinogenov to a one-year, $800,000 deal. It’s certainly a cheap price for a forward with a lot of potential upside, until you consider that Afinogenov has spent the past two seasons being more about his potential than about the realization of his potential.

I was a little surprised the Thrashers held onto Afinogenov but dumped Dan Fritsche, who’s got some size and provides more defense. The Thrashers seem to have used the off-season to get very offensive; I’m very curious to see what the team looks like once the season starts. Obviously, there’s the potential for Atlanta to be a really exciting team to watch, with lots of European players setting each other up in creative ways. But there’s also the potential for lots of guys overhandling the puck and constantly giving it up every time they drag it across their own blueline.

Whatever happens, you have to admire Atlanta’s new commitment to finding scoring, though. They really aren’t messing around.