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Gretzky: ‘My System Is No System’

The Boston Globe caught up with new Bruins defenseman Derek Morris. It’s a pretty standard summary of his career, but there’s one part that’s especially interesting — Morris’ take on Wayne Gretzky, who coached him in Phoenix: We used two different systems [with the New York Rangers]. It was different. Much tighter gaps, a lot […]

Bylsma Lowering Expectations

I like when training camp starts because it puts a real spotlight on coaches as everyone tries to figure out if successful coaches will be able to maintain their pace and if unsuccessful coaches will manage to turn things around. Penguins coach Dan Bylsma would probably be considered a successful coach, what with his Stanley […]

NHL GMs: ‘I’ve Got a Tip on the Fourth Line’

David Pollak had a piece discussing how much competition the Sharks have for their third- and fourth-line slots. This seems to be the new GM move: spending an excruciating amount of time, and to a certain extent, money, on guys who will play 10 to 15 minutes a night. At least San Jose GM Doug […]

Give Up a Goal, Get a Coach

The Stars have an interesting approach to goalie Marty Turco. Since they seem to feel they can’t replace him, they’re just throwing more and more coaching at him. Relatively hot on the heels of the news Turco is going to spend more time working with goalie coach/synthesist Andy Moog, comes news the Stars have added […]

Blue Jackets Keep It Real in Training Camp; Ducks Keep It Real Fiscally Responsible

The various owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets are drafting teams made up of training camp players and having a tournament. Coach Ken Hitchcock is all over this as he says it will give him a better way to evaluate more players — players who might not even be on his radar. I’m not sure […]