Penguins Bourque the Capitals

There were some interesting moves yesterday.

The Caps waived Chris Bourque for salary purposes, hoping he would sneak through into the AHL. He didn’t and wound up claimed by the Penguins.

Bourque is bummed, yet psyched.

Bourque has a lot of upside. He’s looked great in the AHL, and while he’s small, that smallness has translated to great speed. I think the Caps underestimated the interest in Bourque.

The Penguins are pretty much set on lines one through three, so you have to assume he’ll spend some initial time on the fourth line, with the Penguins thinking he might eventually move up. The Penguins are using Pascal Dupuis with Evgeni Malkin while Max Talbot heals from shoulder surgery. Dupuis is crazy fast, so it seems Penguins coach Dan Bylsma is trying to get some more speed throughout his lineup. If that proves effective, Bourque is a useful piece to have.

Plus, if nothing else, the Penguins managed to remove a talented player from a major Eastern Conference rival.