No Lighthouse at the End of the Islanders Tunnel

The Long Island Press is reporting Charles Wang, owner of the Isles, has walked away from the Lighthouse project, apparently feeling it would never get done.

The project would have resulted in a new arena for the Isles.

One interesting, if completely unconfirmed, wrinkle is Sam Fischler’s assertion during last night’s Rangers game that the Islanders don’t want to leave the metropolitan area and are now looking toward Queens and not Brooklyn, even though Brooklyn will (presumably) one down house an NBA team.

In all likelihood, Wang, who has been very patient in trying to get the Lighthouse project done, is trying to force some hands by pretending he’s fed-up and ready to walk away from everything. Everything I’ve heard or read about Wang seems to indicate he has no desire to leave Long Island unless it’s absolutely necessary.

But there’s no doubt the Islanders are hurting. My sister bought me Islander tickets for a birthday something like five or six years ago. Possibly even longer. Last weekend, the Islanders called her and asked if she’d be interested in buying more tickets. So the Islanders are really working their ticket lists, but if they’re five or six years down the list, they can’t be doing too well.

Of course NHL marketing is a strange thing. The Blues have a campaign “The last piece of the puzzle is you” (you being the fans). Coach Andy Murray doesn’t like it, though, feeling the team is really three or four pieces away – none of them fans and all of them on-ice positions.

Of course, Murray is also rather famous for routinely announcing “We can’t control whether Tinkerbell lives or dies by clapping! It’s a medical fact!”

Also, apparently nothing can stop Martin St. Louis; even aging. He’s 34, which shocked me, and still doesn’t seem to have lost a step. It’s even more remarkable when you consider the wear-and-tear on him given his small size.