Isles and Leafs Place Offense Before Winning

What are we? Two weeks into the season? And already the Doug Weight trade rumors are starting. This has to be some kind of trade rumor record.

The Islanders are still waiting for their first win of the season and are in a challenging situation. Coach Scott Gordon has some talented, but undeveloped forwards and uses a very aggressive, attacking style. So the team has been sacrificing just enough defense to put a win out of reach. Gordon could dial back the offense and play more of a defensive game, but then what is he teaching his young team?

Basically, the Islanders aren’t ready for Gordon yet. But Gordon is an interesting, talented coach, so I’m sure Islanders management, whoever that is, wants to keep him in the organization.

It’s almost like what’s going on in Toronto. There too, you have a coach who refuses to dial back the offense. Of course, over in Toronto, coach Ron Wilson doesn’t have to deal with young, undeveloped talent. His undeveloped talent is older. And Wilson’s goaltending situation is just absurdly bad. But, like Gordon, he refuses to retreat into a defensive posture.

I’m sure it’s frustrating for the fans, but at least it makes for much more interesting hockey.

Speaking of struggles, Simon Gagne is still waiting for his first goal of the season, and is trying not to let it drive him crazy.

And just so we’re not too negative today, how about Colorado not struggling, helped by strong goaltending for the first time since Patrick Roy was an Av. The Avs are riding the shocking emergence of goalie Craig Anderson. Of course, that raises the question of how long Anderson can play, because there’s no one behind him on the Avalanche goalie depth chart. But for now, the Avs are off to a strong start, and a strong enough NHL start can pretty much guarantee you a seat in the playoffs.