Leafs End Suffering; Isles and Wild Continue Theirs

Oh wow! The Leafs finally won! The Leafs finally won!

Who knew goaltending was such an important position? Jonas Gustavsson earned his first NHL win with his second solid NHL start.

But credit Anaheim, too, for playing a very dull game. It’s almost like they wanted to give the Leafs their first win of the season.

Now, with the one win under their belt, it’s not like the Leafs are ready to take the NHL by storm. They’re still a weak team with a lot of issues. But with the one win completed, they should be in a position to earn a win more often than every nine games.

Turning to other struggling NHL teams, the Islanders continue a rather impressive streak of going to overtime, only to lose. While the Islanders aren’t in great shape, standings-wise, imagine how bad it would be without the charity point.

Finally, the Wild are 0-8 on the road to start this season. The good news is they’re undefeated at home, so there seems to be a decent chance the team can still finish at .500. It’s very strange how the team has been unable to put together a solid 60-minute game on the road.

Even with some teams like these obviously suffering in a big way, the NHL’s U.S. TV ratings are up, seemingly driven by the power of the game in HD.

I don’t think anyone should have to watch Toronto in HD, though. That seems inhumane to all parties involved.