Stamkos Busts the Bust Myth

Are we too impatient with first-round draft picks?


Even though he finished last season relatively strong, Steve Stamkos was written off as a bust, or at least as someone with the potential to be a huge bust. Now, 10 games into Tampa’s season, Stamkos has nine goals and five assists and looks like a real NHL presence. In fact, Stamkos leads Tampa in goals so far this season.

Vinny Lecavalier says the Lightning are average now, but are close to becoming much better.

There are certainly a lot of nice pieces to work with. It makes you wonder just how much damage Barry Melrose did in his short tenure as coach, if the team is just snapping out of its malaise now.

Maybe the Lightning should see if Alexandre Daigle is available. I wonder if Tampa coach Rick Tocchet could get him going.

Speaking of coaches, Marc Crawford coached his 1,000th game last night. Interestingly, none of Crawford’s 1,000 games has included his starting an NHL-quality goaltender. Look it up.

Over on Bleacher Report, I wrote about how some NHL teams are so deep, no injury seems to be able to stop them.