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Tortorella Reinvents the New York Rangers

Arthur Staple writes about what everyone watching the Rangers has noticed: the team has undergone a dramatic reinvention. Between the coaching changes and the personnel changes, the Rangers are almost completely different. And it seems like John Tortorella’s coaching is responsible for the success of the personnel changes. For instance, previous coach Tom Renney religiously […]

Sykora Showing Value of Veterans

It looks like Martin Havlat will play on a line with Petr Sykora, as they did in Tuesday’s win over the Ducks. Every season, more and more GMs have been filling as many slots as they can with younger players rather than more experienced ones. There are a lot of reasons to do so: younger […]

Sharks Need Defense; Avs Need Goalie Luck

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s still early in the season, so it’s still hard to make observations about team problems and team successes. But having said that, some interesting ideas are already starting to emerge. Like will the Sharks play defense this season? They went down four goals to the Kings, managed to come back, […]

Lemaire Opens Things Up…Perhaps Too Much

The start of the season is tough, because you always want to make grand statements about teams when you’re really just working off of a small data set. Watching last night’s Rangers-Devils, on Versus (I’m one of the 50 people left with Versus), I was very impressed by the Devils. They didn’t look like a […]

Shanahan Can’t Be Cut; He Quits!

In a surprise move, the Devils cut Brandon Shanahan, a decision which was apparently mutual; Shanahan wanted to be a top-nine forward and the Devils didn’t have an opening. Shanahan hasn’t announced his retirement, but it’s going to be tough to find a place for him. If you recall, he landed in New Jersey last […]

Penguins Bourque the Capitals

There were some interesting moves yesterday. The Caps waived Chris Bourque for salary purposes, hoping he would sneak through into the AHL. He didn’t and wound up claimed by the Penguins. Bourque is bummed, yet psyched. Bourque has a lot of upside. He’s looked great in the AHL, and while he’s small, that smallness has […]