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Lack of Blues Power

It’s hard to know what to say about the Blues and their 20 points in 21 games. On the one hand, you could say they’re a team that’s struggling. On the other hand, they also struggled last season and then made a miracle push into the playoffs. So maybe this is just a team that […]

Crawford Mellows in Dallas

Dallas coach Marc Crawford is mellowing and maturing. He realizes his overplayed his angry coach hand in Los Angeles, and it caused him to first lose his team and then his job. So now in Dallas, he seems to be on more of an even keel. Which has to be a little bit frustrating sometimes, […]

Pittsburgh Tired; Vultures Circle Ducks

A tough night for Pittsburgh in Ottawa last night. The Penguins had Max Talbot and Sergei Gonchar back and they still blew an early lead to the Senators. Pittsburgh looked tired. It could just be the time of season or it could be all of the injuries the healthy players have had to compensate for […]

Bettman: ‘This Team Only Played on Sundays; They Played an Older Chuch-Going Lady, I Believe’

I love that the NHL owns the Coyotes. Now, whenever NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman talks about the viability of the team, it has the desperation of someone trying to unload a used car they can’t afford to keep for any extended amount of time. Bettman was in Phoenix this week, just so he knew at […]

Thibault Phones-A-Friend; Redden Reclamation Project Continues

I know this is hardly the most important story of the day, but I have to point out Jocelyn Thibault’s goaltending consultancy gig in Colorado: Rather than being with the team full time, as goaltending coach Jeff Hackett was the past few seasons, Thibault still lives in Montreal and is spending occasional stretches with the […]

Being the Line Change Not Always a Great Idea

Mike Heika did his weekly question-and-answer session with his readers and while it’s all usually really good, I wanted to spotlight one of this week’s answers from Heika: Q: What do you feel are the reasons for the Stars’ road success this year? And why hasn’t that success been duplicated at home? HEIKA: Those are […]

NHL Is a Two Financial Tier League

Forbes released their annual NHL franchise valuations and things actually look pretty good for the league. Or at least for some of the franchises. The average operating profit was $6.1 million, aggregate income increased, as did average franchise value. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an across the board thing for the all of the franchises. While successful […]

LL Cool J to Foppa: ‘We Should Call This a Comeback’

How shocking! Adrian Dater is hearing Peter Forsberg is a bit undecided about his NHL comeback. Although, this is actually a comeback from a comeback. Dater thinks Forsberg is going to give the NHL another go once he’s extensively tested his foot. Do they not get NHL news in Sweden? Has Forsberg not seen the […]

Darwin: ‘Hull Evolved More Than Most’

Tim Panaccio took a quick look back at Brett Hull’s career. That amazing wrist shot from the circle? It was actually his dad, Bobby Hull’s, idea. Which is shocking, since Bobby Hull is synonymous with the slapshot. But the elder Hull said the quicker NHL game required a quicker shot. It’s funny how we’ve come […]

Avs Winning Games and Losing Fans

Wednesday night’s Avs-Coyotes game was a Colorado record for low attendance. Adrian Dater asked fans what happened and he got back some very interesting responses. According to Dater, a lot of fans reported ticket prices weren’t the only factor keeping them away from the Pepsi Center. Some fans reported problems with the Avs ticket office […]