Columbus Discovers Long Hair and Logan’s Run

Jake Voracek of the Columbus Blue Jackets seems like an awesome guy.

He’s got long 70s hair and a love of 80s music.

Coach Ken Hitchcock says Voracek is on the verge of becoming an elite player, although when Hitchcock says that, I kind of wonder if he means Voracek is some kind of amazing back-checker.

The Blue Jackets held-on to beat the Caps in overtime last night. It was a crazy game that even featured a goalie switch designed to give Columbus players a little bit of a rest.

Finally, speaking of Columbus, former Blue Jacket and Ohio native Dan Fritsche is one of the many veteran players trying to play his way back into the NHL. Only Fritsche is just 24. Fritsche made $875,000 last season on an NHL contract. His AHL deal pays $100,000, which I know isn’t as much, but still sounds pretty good. I thought AHL guys made a lot less than that.

It’s pretty crazy how more and more, NHL third and fourth lines are getting to be like LOGAN’S RUN.