Caps Miss Ovechkin

The Devils seem to agree with the conventional wisdom that the Caps aren’t the same team without Alex Ovechkin.

New Jersey beat the Capitals 3-2 at home, where the Devils have been pretty awful.

The Devils had a lot of comments relating to how the Capitals seem bummed about playing without their star.

About the only downside to Ovechkin’s durability (he missed just four games in the previous four seasons) is that the team never had to learn to play without him. The crazy thing is, even though he’s week-to-week, he apparently was still in the mix to play last night. So Ovechkin might not even miss more than handful of games.

And the Caps will never have to learn to play without Ovechkin.

The Devils, meanwhile, don’t know what it’s like to play with durability or a consistent line-up. Rob Niedermayer left the Caps game in the third with some kind of upper-body injury. If I’m not mistaken, the New Jersey Devils now consist of goalie Martin Brodeur and a bunch of fans wearing red. Everyone else is hurt.

Speaking of injuries, Colby Armstrong of the Thrashers is a fan of gluing cuts, as opposed to sewing them shut with a needle. Both options sound horrible to me. I don’t think I’d last very long in the NHL.