LL Cool J to Foppa: ‘We Should Call This a Comeback’

How shocking! Adrian Dater is hearing Peter Forsberg is a bit undecided about his NHL comeback. Although, this is actually a comeback from a comeback.

Dater thinks Forsberg is going to give the NHL another go once he’s extensively tested his foot.

Do they not get NHL news in Sweden? Has Forsberg not seen the laundry list of strong, sturdy NHL players go down this season? Has he not seen that the NHL right now is ultimate fighting without the restraint?

I get that Forsberg is a competitor who didn’t get to leave the game he loved on his own terms. But at this point, given his age and his health, it seems downright irresponsible for Forsberg to try and return to the NHL and for the NHL to make it possible. It seems like no one in the league has taken the time to warn Forsberg off of what increasingly sees to be an obsession of his.

It’s very interesting how competitors react to their limitations. Last night, at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Brian Leetch said he retired because he was mentally drained from not making the playoffs for so long. And he seems to have walked away from the game without much anguish.

Maybe Leetch can talk to Forsberg about how great a real retirement is.