Thibault Phones-A-Friend; Redden Reclamation Project Continues

I know this is hardly the most important story of the day, but I have to point out Jocelyn Thibault’s goaltending consultancy gig in Colorado:

Rather than being with the team full time, as goaltending coach Jeff Hackett was the past few seasons, Thibault still lives in Montreal and is spending occasional stretches with the team in Denver and on the road. He is empowered to pick up the phone and speak with either Anderson or backup Peter Budaj.

So is it me, or is Thibault getting paid to hang out with the team? And is he also getting paid to call his goaltending friends on the phone?

I guess this is my roundabout way of announcing my own goaltending consultancy. Email me if you’re an NHL GM or coach who’d like me to occasionally hang out with your team or call your goalies.

Although, the way Anderson is playing for the Avs, something must be right with this arrangement.

Speaking of odd arrangements, the Rangers are apparently considering allowing Wade Redden back on the powerplay.

Coach John Tortorella had kept Redden off of the powerplay to let him focus on his even-strength play. And, because with Redden on the point last season, the team gave up 14 short-handed goals, second only to the Flames eye-popping 15.

Now, the Rangers are ready to give Redden another shot, perhaps because defenseman Marc Staal has a shot that seems to take a good 45 seconds to get off.

Redden has responded very well to Tortorella’s coaching. His play has settled down a lot since last season and while Redden is still overpaid, most nights he’s no longer a liability. It’ll be interesting to see if more powerplay times leads to more confidence, of if it crushes the house of cards Tortorella built.