Bettman: ‘This Team Only Played on Sundays; They Played an Older Chuch-Going Lady, I Believe’

I love that the NHL owns the Coyotes. Now, whenever NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman talks about the viability of the team, it has the desperation of someone trying to unload a used car they can’t afford to keep for any extended amount of time.

Bettman was in Phoenix this week, just so he knew at least one person would be at the game. When asked about the team, he went straight into the pitch:

I think the progress on the ice has been terrific…The team is playing extremely competitive hockey. It’s early in the season but clearly in the playoff hunt…I like the fact that John McCain is keeping an eye on this team.

It’s hard to read that and not picture Bettman sweating profusely, wondering who in their right mind would ever buy a hockey team in the desert.

My advice to Bettman? Don’t whistle in the elevator.

Also, Brendan Shanahan formally retired yesterday. Devils GM Lou Lamoriello said he’ll talk to Shanahan about an off-ice role in the organization, which is kind of funny since I always got the impression the only reason Shanahan returned to the Devils was that 1) they signed him and 2) the commute worked for him. But it’s classy of Lamoriello to publicly make the overture.

Finally, hockey in Europe? I’ve got it all mapped out. Although, mostly it’s a TV deal with the European leagues.