Pittsburgh Tired; Vultures Circle Ducks

A tough night for Pittsburgh in Ottawa last night. The Penguins had Max Talbot and Sergei Gonchar back and they still blew an early lead to the Senators.

Pittsburgh looked tired. It could just be the time of season or it could be all of the injuries the healthy players have had to compensate for over the course of the season.

Someone asked Dave Molinari if he thought poor conditioning was behind all of the Penguins injuries. Molinari said going deep into the playoffs so frequently could end up taking a physical toll on the team. So Pittsburgh could literally wind up a victim of its own success.

Hopefully, the team will get some rest over American Thanksgiving. And hopefully Talbot and Gonchar will help since they have relatively fresh legs.

Meanwhile, over in Anaheim, the Ducks haven’t given up on their season, but opposing scouts are watching the team closely, getting ready for the inevitable fire sale of talent.

Things are pretty bad. I heard opposing scouts were placing red stickers on players they’re interested in obtaining.

Also, I took a look at the importance of system-oriented coaches in player develpment. Nikita Filatov obviously wasn’t a huge fan of that kind of coaching…