Crawford Mellows in Dallas

Dallas coach Marc Crawford is mellowing and maturing.

He realizes his overplayed his angry coach hand in Los Angeles, and it caused him to first lose his team and then his job.

So now in Dallas, he seems to be on more of an even keel.

Which has to be a little bit frustrating sometimes, given the Stars’ scoring struggles.

I think a huge part of that is the residual effect of coach Dave Tippett. Dallas still doesn’t look 100% comfortable playing a more offensive system. I’m assuming eventually the team will adapt to Crawford’s coaching.

Or maybe Crawford will just shift to a defensive system and tell everyone he decided to change things up.

Also, over in Jersey, Jamie Langenbrunner makes the case against composite sticks, which lets players shoot the puck harder than with wooden sticks. Langenbrunner hypothesizes this is causing more injuries.

Langenbrunner didn’t discuss the fact that composite sticks seem to break constantly. I wish the NHL tracked shots that didn’t get off because the stick snapped.