Goodbye, Mike Penner

This weekend, the sportswriting world lost Mike Penner of the LA Times.

Penner was probably best known for his brilliant writing about his decision to become a woman. His byline changed to Christine Daniels. He subsequently returned to living as Mike Penner.

Penner covered the Ducks when they first joined the NHL and it seems he might have played a role in the team’s decision to go from being a Disney attraction to an actual hockey team.

Obviously, Penner went back quite a bit, to the days when the LA Times covered hockey…

Not hockey related, but Penner seemed to be a sweet person, too.

Also, an interesting tidbit out of Dallas, from Mike Heika’s mailbag:

Q: Hey Mike, when the boys are playing at the AAC, it seems like I’ve seen Alex Auld sitting at the opposite end of the bench from where Marty sits when he isn’t playing. … Am I remembering right? And if so, what kind of goalie logic is behind that?

HEIKA: I asked Alex Auld, and he said that his experience is that people on the center ice end of the bench get hit with a puck a lot more than people on the goal-side end of the bench. That’s his reasoning for not sitting in the “traditional” goalie spot on the bench – purely from a safety standpoint. Maybe Marty Turco will soon follow suit.

So yeah. In case you were wondering, Auld likes to avoid pucks hitting him both on the bench and on the ice.

Finally, my take on Carolina’s Jim Rutherford, the MacBeth of GMs. This guy is all about making decisions and then reversing them.