Sharks Want More Games

David Pollak had an interesting take on the Sharks’ recent troubles, via coach Todd McLellan: The team simply wasn’t playing frequently enough to establish a rhythm.

The Sharks have won their last two, with a victory over Anaheim Thursday and a win over Dallas last night. Since there were quite a few days between the games, maybe McLellan is getting better at simulating that game rhythm.

I feel like this oddly compressed/relaxed pre-Olympic NHL schedule has everyone out of sorts.

Also, Andy Murray of the Blues has sort of resigned himself to the slow-starting David Backes, announcing that it is now officially a given Backes will take 25 games to get going.

The obvious solution? Start Backes’ season 25 games earlier.

Finally, congratulations to goalie Marty Brodeur, for taking ownership of the NHL shutout record. It’s an amazing record and Brodeur really hasn’t lost a step, but are the Devils ever going to rest him? How long can he keep this up?