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Bruins Hold Their Middle

Fourth-liner Byron Bitz has been seeing some time on the first line with Marc Savard (and Blake Wheeler) and is expected to play up there tonight against Montreal. The Bruins just re-signed Savard. I hadn’t considered this, but part of the reason they wanted to lock Savard down is to give them long-term depth down […]

Chris Pronger Commits Mutiny Against Mike Richards

I hadn’t realized this, but apparently Flyer fans are blaming some of the team’s struggles on Mike Richards captaincy skills (or supposed lack thereof). Certainly not helping things is Chris Pronger telling the media he wants to get involved in leading the team, but doesn’t “want to step on [Richards] toes.” I’m always shocked by […]

Goodbye, Mike Penner

This weekend, the sportswriting world lost Mike Penner of the LA Times. Penner was probably best known for his brilliant writing about his decision to become a woman. His byline changed to Christine Daniels. He subsequently returned to living as Mike Penner. Penner covered the Ducks when they first joined the NHL and it seems […]