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Did the Devils Self-Coach for Sutter?

I’ve been shocked by the struggles of the Calgary Flames, both because they seemed like a solid enough team and because coach Brent Sutter did a fantastic job in New Jersey last year. But lately, I’m wondering if he really did as good a job as we think. A large part of the Flames struggles […]

The Benefits of Benching

I have to say, and say completely without sarcasm, that I think Tampa does a nice job with their young players. Victor Hedman was starting to look a little overwhelmed and outmatched on the ice. Coach Rick Tocchet could have yelled at him or coddled him or told him to figure it out. But instead, […]

Dean Lombardi Criticizes The Golden Goose

Yikes! I’m not sure Kings GM Dean Lombardi got the memo not to upset your up-and-coming franchise defenseman. Lombardi made some comments about Jack Johnson’s play in Michigan, where Johnson played college hockey. Lombardi also made comments about the quality of the Michigan program. Did I mention they were negative comments? Now, Johnson is pretty […]

Quinn Ready to Surrender in Edmonton?

So has Pat Quinn given up on coaching the Oilers? Or is he worried about his job? He’s kind of giving mixed messages. First, after a 6-0 loss to the Avs, Quinn announce, “You get hit so many times with a right, you’re begging for a left…That’s the reason to draw the line in the […]

Overconfidence Could be San Jose’s Achilles’ Heel

Mrs. PuckUpdate and I love to joke about announcers who warn against the dreaded two-goal lead, what a lot of them call ‘the most dangerous lead to have.’ A lot of times, a team will go up two goals and the announcer will talk about how it’s actually a risky lead to have, since a […]

Ducks and Kings Feed Off of the Other’s Pain

Question: Can the Ducks and Kings both be good teams at the same time? Can they both be bad teams? Or, my theory here, do they feed off of each other, with the success of one causing the demise of the other, a veritable Western Conference yin and yang? The Kings recent swoon has coincided […]

Scott Niedermayer’s Career Has No Twilight

The Ducks have basically said Scott Niedermayer can play in Anaheim as long as he wants, even until the end of time. Niedermayer isn’t quite so sure he wants to play forever. I know what you’re thinking. This is the NHL equivalent of TWILIGHT. And you’re right. It is. Except there’s probably more sexual tension […]

Three Goalies is the New Two Goalies

So I guess keeping three goalies on the roster is now officially a trend? The Flyers are keeping three goalies while Ray Emery prepares to return. The Flyers literally have nothing else to do with their cap space, so they may as well keep all three goalies. The Islanders are currently rolling three goalies, with […]

NHL Not Sharing the Wealth…Yet

Sam Donnellon had an interesting column, writing that the NHL should have a revenue-sharing model rather than a salary cap. Donnellon makes the case that hockey is similar to baseball, in that individual teams negotiate their own TV contracts. Baseball teams share revenue and have a luxury tax for those who exceed certain levels of […]

Olympics Will Drain a Lot of Players

Not to be a jerk about the Olympics, but what exactly is the NHL thinking? The Penguins are obviously already gassed from their successful Stanley Cup run. They beat Atlanta last night, but had dropped their previous five. And now, instead of just focusing on making it to the All-Star break, they’re going to send […]