Scott Niedermayer’s Career Has No Twilight

The Ducks have basically said Scott Niedermayer can play in Anaheim as long as he wants, even until the end of time.

Niedermayer isn’t quite so sure he wants to play forever.

I know what you’re thinking. This is the NHL equivalent of TWILIGHT. And you’re right. It is. Except there’s probably more sexual tension in NHL contract negotiations than in TWILIGHT.

But it got me thinking about Niedermayer’s numbers. I took a look and they’re shockingly consistent. It really is almost like the guy isn’t aging. The only potentially alarming thing is he’s a -23 over the past three seasons, but that includes his current -13, which is more a reflection of the Ducks recent struggles than his ability.

But other than that, he’s pretty much been a 50-point defenseman the past six seasons, and before that he was usually good for around 40 points a year.

So yeah. I can see why Niedermayer has the green light to play until he’s a senior citizen.

Teemu Selanne had that kind of consistency and durability, too, but this season has been pretty brutal. He just got back from missing 17 games with a hand injury and then, last night, he broke his jaw on a deflected shot. The Ducks aren’t sure when he’ll be back. It could be a few days or a few weeks. And the Olympics could still be off the table for him.

Unless Niedermayer bites him, that is.