Ducks and Kings Feed Off of the Other’s Pain

Question: Can the Ducks and Kings both be good teams at the same time? Can they both be bad teams? Or, my theory here, do they feed off of each other, with the success of one causing the demise of the other, a veritable Western Conference yin and yang?

The Kings recent swoon has coincided with a Ducks hot streak.

But last night belonged to the Kings, who shut-out Anaheim 4-0.

As Helene Elliott points out, the Ducks have always been a second-half team. It’s going to be tough going for Anaheim (and Team Finland), as the Ducks keep accumulating injuries. Teemu Selanne will be out two to six weeks while his jaw heals. Saku Koivu left last night’s loss with a lower-body injury. If I’m Kimmo Timonen, I’m going to wear a mattress out on the ice for the next few days, just to make sure someone can compete for Finland.

It will be interesting to see if the Kings feed off of the Ducks pain and solidify their playoff spot. Or, if my theory is disproved, and both teams finish out of the playoffs.

Speaking of the Olympics, here is my theory on why Chris Drury will actually be huge for Team USA. Hint: It has to do with his being under no pressure since he’s the worst player on the team.

Finally, the worst hockey movies of all time. I actually love MYSTERY, ALASKA and I’m not sure how THE CUTTING EDGE isn’t here, but the rest of these are suitably bad, as promised.