Overconfidence Could be San Jose’s Achilles’ Heel

Mrs. PuckUpdate and I love to joke about announcers who warn against the dreaded two-goal lead, what a lot of them call ‘the most dangerous lead to have.’

A lot of times, a team will go up two goals and the announcer will talk about how it’s actually a risky lead to have, since a team will protect a one-goal lead, but could get cocky with a two-goal one.

It seems pretty nonsensical; the type of thing a color guy probably brings up to keep the game interesting.

Having said that, San Jose’s 9-1 blowout of the Flames might not be the best thing for the Sharks.

The Sharks, as we all know, don’t have the best playoff record. To succeed in the playoffs, a team needs to know how to play under duress. With just 10 regulation losses so far this year, they haven’t been in that situation very often.

If the Sharks continue to relatively effortlessly roll through games in the playoffs, as they have during this regular season, it’s not an issue. Scoring nine goals in a playoff game should be enough to get them a win.

But if they’re getting played tighter and thinking a nine-goal explosion is just a shift away, that might cause some playoff problems.

So yeah. An eight-goal victory margin is cool and it’s great that the Sharks got their secondary scoring going, but if I’m coach Todd McLellan, I want my team humble yet confident. Huge wins like this make me think the Sharks are just getting set-up for another big flop out of the playoffs.

San Jose could use a nice bit of adversity to toughen them up for the playoffs. I don’t think they’ve had to fight through any yet this season.

Speaking of the playoffs, it’s been a while for the Panthers. Their last playoff appearance was 2000.

If Florida does finally make it in this year, that’ll be a good example of a team that won’t be overconfident in their approach to the post-season.