Dean Lombardi Criticizes The Golden Goose

Yikes! I’m not sure Kings GM Dean Lombardi got the memo not to upset your up-and-coming franchise defenseman.

Lombardi made some comments about Jack Johnson’s play in Michigan, where Johnson played college hockey. Lombardi also made comments about the quality of the Michigan program.

Did I mention they were negative comments?

Now, Johnson is pretty upset by the comments.

Lobardi says he was quoted accurately so I’m not sure what he was thinking. Obviously, Lombardi is entitled to his opinions, but why alienate a player who’s such an important part of your team’s future?

By the way, the interviews, which are really good, are available at Frozen Royalty.

I especially love how Lombardi talks about how much trouble Johnson had with criticism and then proceeds to criticize him.

I doubt Lombardi’s interview will do irreparable damage to his relationship with Johnson, but why complicate things with an important young player? It just seems like a huge waste of time and energy.

Also, check out this trailer for HOCKEY TOWNS, a TV pilot looking for a network. One of the producers describes it as MAN VS. FOOD for hockey.

As one of many hockey bloggers who is also a die-hard Food Network fan, I think there might be a market for this kind of show.

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