John Hughes: Hockey Fan

Vanity Fair has an interesting piece on John Hughes, the iconic director who died in August.

In addition to being a huge 80s director, Hughes was also a big hockey fan. In fact, one of his last public appearances might have been the Wings/’Hawks Winter Classic.

The article points out some cool things, like how in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, despite being from Chicago, Cameron wears a Gordie Howe jersey the whole movie. Hughes was a big Howe fan, having lived in Michigan until he was 12.

Hughes’ friendship with the beloved John Candy was also partially based upon a mutual love of hockey: “Candy, though he was from Toronto rather than Chicago, led a life similar to Hughes’s: big hockey fan, big family man, strong marriage, two young kids.”

Candy owned a farm, which inspired Hughes to do the same. He named it Redwing Farms. Even more inspired, the farm was in Illinois.

I’m not a huge fan of Hughes film work. Like everyone, I’ve seen his movies, but they didn’t really change my life. But he seems like he was a really nice guy.