Bettman Feeling Good About Olympics; Salon? Not So Much

Just some Olympic odds and ends:

Gary Bettman went on FOX Business Network and seemed to have a little bit of an Olympic high:

The most interesting part? He doesn’t rule out Sochi 2014 out of hand. It seems to be something he really wants to consider.

That gold medal game was pretty miraculous. It transformed Bettman from anti-Olympic to possibly pro-Olympic in just three periods (and an overtime).

Going to the other Olympic extreme, Salon’s Allen Barra has one of the most ignorant hockey stories I’ve ever read.

The only redeeming aspect to that mess? Barra gets pounded in the comments. And the comments are all very well-tempered, well-reasoned, and articulate, which has to make them sting even more.

Barra getting called on his many misconceptions about hockey and the gold medal game almost makes reading his misguided article worthwhile.

Thanks to Mrs. PuckUpdate for the Salon link.