Really Long-Term Contracts

Why NHL teams locking down players into long-term contracts really could be an even bigger problem:

Raised as Scientologists, Christie King Collbran and her husband, Chris, were recruited as teenagers to work for the elite corps of staff members who keep the Church of Scientology running, known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org.

They signed a contract for a billion years — in keeping with the church’s belief that Scientologists are immortal.

Suddenly 10 years for a goalie or 12 years for Mike Richards seems positively restrained.

Also, what’s up with Sidney Crosby not doing Letterman?

You can talk about Crosby needing to do a late-night talk show for the good of the league, but I would think as someone who makes some money doing endorsements, he’d want to go on just to promote his own personal brand.

It was another strange move from a guy who seems to love being an NHL star (especially the calls that come his way), but also seems oddly uncomfortable in the spotlight.